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Outfeed Assembly Table Plan w/ Jay’s Router Lift


Bundled Plan: Receive the Stone and Sons Outfeed Assembly Table plan, Jay Bates’ Router Lift plan and also a Stone and Sons Router Fence plan. See description below.



Outfeed Assembly Table plan: a ton of storage including eight cubbies, 4 drawers, full bottom shelf for plywood cut-offs, a tool tray, room for dust collection piping, a down draft insert, router lift insert, vice and dog holes for clamping, pencil and marker tray, and three electrical outlet options. It measures 36″H x 48″D x 54″W.

Router Lift Plan (Jay Bates): lever activated for quick movement while still allowing precise positioning. An included stop block will allow you to easily drop the bit if needed and quickly return to the exact position you were at. The plan includes the router lift and enclosure, a 27” x 20” top so it can be used as an extension wing for a table saw, and an adjustable fence. Every piece in this plan is color coded to designate it’s location. I find this approach easy to follow as you can visually glance at the layout or reference diagrams and know where on the final assembly that particular part will end up. There are two versions of the build in the plan. One for use with a 4″ dust collection hose from below and the other to use with a shopvac hose attached to the fence. The lift extends 15-3/4” below the surface of the table. This plan fits a standard 3-1/2” diameter router. An approximate build cost is about $50 depending on where you get the hardware. My cost for everything except the 1-1/4″ wood screws that I had was just shy of $50 with sales tax. Links to the SketchUp files are included in the plan. All dimensions are in imperial units only. Included in the lever router lift plan:

  • 30 detailed pages
  • shopping list
  • tools list
  • plywood layout diagrams
  • reference diagrams for specific part dimensions
  • exploded view diagrams
  • step by step 3D assembly diagrams with written instructions

*Included is also a Router Fence Plan


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