For a while now I’v been meaning to rebuild my outfeed/assembly table due to the fact that it wasn’t documented with video or plans when I made it a couple of years ago. So, now’s the time to document it and make some changes that will improve the overall use.
I started out planning this project build by designing it first in Google SketchUP. I’ve learned that by drawing the project first, whether that’s by hand or with a software program, it really helps with the build overall. So, that was my first step in this project. After I had everything drawn into SketchUP I was ready to proceed with the project. In the video above, which is part 1 of 3, I show you the current table and the setup of everything. I also talk about what features I will keep and what changes are being made. After the table tour in the video I take you into SketchUP and actually show you the drawings and what the new table will look like. There are a few things that still need to be ironed out like different supports here and there, but for the most part the design is done.
The main thing I wanted to achieve in the new table is organization and convenience. If you’re anything like me those two things are essential in being productive. So, for an example, currently I have my router bits, router fence, and router table top insert all stored on the other side of the table. When I need to use the router for anything I ask myself is there a more convenient way to do this (whatever I’m doing). I think the reason I ask myself that is because all of my router accessories aren’t stored right at the router lift. So, to improve the router area and my work flow I need all things router at the router lift. I hope I’m making sense here because the whole table is designed to provide a better workflow and to also provide great storage solutions. In talking about being organized and productive brings up a guide I created for those that need a little of both in their workshop life. It’s a free download right on the home page of my website. I cover seven steps you can take to become better motivated, inspired, organized and productive. Get it on the home page (just scroll down when you get there). This table is the center of my workshop and most likely you have a table of sorts in the center of your shop as well. Knowing that I am always going to have a table in my shop it might as well be equipped with the things I need the most… organization and convenience.

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