Multipurpose Shop Cart plan
I had a problem in the shop and we solved it… Continue reading to find out how.
I noticed when I used the bandsaw, lathe, table saw, miter saw, jointer, planer, drill press… ok, all of my tool stations that I needed a place to stack the pieces I was working with and especially when I was needing to make repeat cuts. So, in order to solve the problem I was experiencing I needed to come up with a solution that would be helpful with all the tool stations, which resulted in a multipurpose shop cart. I had some help from a couple of friends and fellow woodworkers, Jay Bates and Jeff Ferguson. They helped with the design and build process respectively.

The design process was pretty simple. Instead of having a stationary table in one particular area of the shop, why not have a rolling cart that solved multiple problems. So, the first thing we accomplished by opting for a rolling cart was creating a solution for multiple tool stations. Another solution to our problem are the sides or ends of the rolling cart. The ends have a “tool wall” feel to them. The idea here is to use nails or screws to hang some of the  most commonly used tools that doesn’t necessarily have a home. For example, having a few clamps stored at an arms reach on the cart can save time. Of course, you couldn’t and wouldn’t want to store all of your clamps on this cart because that would just be heavy and cumbersome, but a few would be handy if needed. In addition to a few clamps, a dust brush would be another good item to keep on the cart, maybe your miter gauges, jigs, or even a few hand held power tools would suit your needs better. I will also use the cart as a current project holding area. The shelf (or shelves if you add more) gives you plenty of room to store small unfinished projects.

Overall, I’m pleased with the results and I’m sure this cart will receive a lot of use over the years. If you have a need or have a problem in your shop try solving it with a quick shop project win. This project can easily be made within an hour and it only requires less than a full sheet of plywood. You can find the Amazon Affiliate links below to all the tools we used and also to a set of casters that you’ll need to make your cart mobile. Download the plans today and get that quick shop project win.

2 inch casters for your new cart (set of 4):

Table saw (*upgraded version):
Alternative to a table saw, circular saw:

Drill and Impact:

Counter sink bit:

Tape measure (lefty/righty):

See our other tools:




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