Not too long ago I came up with a mallet design that features both the joiner and carver mallet. I also incorporated something I call a FingerGrip. Take a look…

PictureComboHead Mallet with FingerGrip

There are several types of mallets, but there are two that are more common than the others. The first and most common is the “Joiner’s” mallet, which usually has a square or rectangular head with angled faces. It’s mainly used to persuade work pieces into place and for larger chisel work. I personally think the joiner style is the most replicated and most popular mallet. The second most common mallet is the “Carver’s” mallet, which is round and sometimes tapered. Usually, these are used for carvings and detailed work. The design I came up with has both of these functionalities and I call it the ComboHead Mallet.

One feature that is incorporated in the handle is a “FingerGrip”. The FingerGrip is located towards the top of the handle next to the head of the mallet. It’s basically two dips in the handle with a rise in between the two dips. While working on more detailed work or carvings (carvers mode) the upper FingerGrip allows a resting place for the middle finger to grip while the pointer finger and thumb control the head of the mallet. For more force or less delicate work (joiner mode) the FingerGrip can be gripped by the hand as though you’re holding a hammer for more power.

Please leave a comment below as to what you think about this design.

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  1. Shawn, I love the mallet design. Have you considered “corking” it like a baseball bat, except with lead shot? That would add some heft, and give it some dead-blow action.

    • I have actually, but my latest ones have been made from oak and I’m going to try ash. If I can get a good weight from just the wood I’d rather do that, but you’re right it definitely would add some heft to it.

  2. Good simple design Shawn. I think I’ll make one in that image. I especially like the “finger holds” you have incorporated. The faux added feature of the handle running through the head is unique and interesting. Maybe figure out a way to make it more pronounced? I’d be interested in an update on how it is holding up after some use.

    I really like your video style and enjoy watching them. Keep up making them Shawn!


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