In the Projects tab on this website you’ll find a post on another step stool build, but these are done a little different. I added hand holes on the sides for handles so the little ones can pick it up and carry it wherever they need it and these stools don’t have the storage compartment like the previous one did and the measurements are different…

 The boards came from old shelving units in our local library that were going to be thrown away. A friend of mine brought me a load of them back for me. They had been stained, so I had to remove all the old stain by planning them down and edge jointing. After they were cleaned up they looked pretty good. Next, I drew out the steps and curve feature and cut those on the band saw. I knew I wanted these stools to have handles unlike the last one I made. My kids try to carry it around and it’s just too cumbersome for them, plus the storage compartment adds extra weight. I decided to cut holes in the sides for handles. That solves two problems, number one is less material means less weight and number two is that’ll be one less thing to bump into if I don’t add on an actual handle. So, I looked around the shop for anything with an oval shape. The only thing I could find was my cheap Harbor Freight level that has this somewhat oval shape cutout and that’s what I used. I took the basic shape from that, made a template and finished it up on the oscillating spindle sander for the final shape and I must say that I was pleased with the outcome. Next, I used the router to transfer the template shape to the actual stool sides and also used a round-over bit to smooth the edges. I then assembled the stools, finished one with a walnut stain and the other a vintage cream color. Now the last thing to do was to test them out with the boys. If they pass the abuse test they’re keepers and… they passed!
You can watch the build video here, on our video page or on YouTube.

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