We needed a place for the kids to keep all of their arts and crafts supplies and off the top of the fridge, off the dinning room table, and even off the floor. With three boys things can get a bit messy and disorganized, so we needed a solution. We made this activity table…

Tools used in this project:

Table saw

Drill and impact

Kreg Jig

Dado stack


Counter sink bit

Micro Jig

Push blocks

Ear protection and safety glasses

My oldest son and I spent some time in the shop talking about how we could build this table and what design elements we wanted. He came up with some neat ideas that we didn’t actually follow through on, but there’s still a chance we might later on. Watch the video below and then I’ll explain more about the project.
I started the project by breaking down the plywood sheets into all the plan parts. First, I constructed the shelf unit, and then onto the leg assemblies. I opted to taper the legs for aesthetic reasons, so I had to make a tapering jig to make that happen. If you missed the video about making a tapering jig, you can find it HERE.  I also have plans for it HERE, it’s a free download. The whole table was fairly simple, but where it got interesting was when we added the accessory tracks to accept baskets that would hold all their crayons and markers. Other baskets would store Lego’s, craft supplies, pencils, play-dough, etc… The bottom shelf holds all of their coloring books, notebook paper, sticker books, and whatever else they have that’s related. Within the next few weeks the plans for chairs to match this table will be available. The table has already gotten a fair amount of use and abuse and it’s holding up great. I’ll include some images below of how it’s being used.
The baskets we used work great. Here’s the link: http://amzn.to/2fo2fKX
Below are the plans to the Kids Activity Table

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