Jay Bates and I built a shop air cleaner. Continue reading for the installation process and links to the build video and article. LINK: Programmable Timer Switch





This past week I spent some time at Jay Bates’ shop. If you don’t know Jay check out his website and subscribe to his YouTube channel. I took over a couple of salvaged blowers. We made a shop air cleaner or air filtration device which ever you prefer. This build was built somewhat on the fly and didn’t have a definite plan going into it. Basically, we built the box around the size blower and filters I had. There was only one limitation and that was the height of the box. It had to be less than eighteen inches overall height. Some of the design elements worth mentioning are the filter slots and access panel. We used three intake filters and one output filter. The open slots make it easy to insert and remove the filters from the front. There is also an access panel that is removable to service the motor. That’s it. It’s a very simple design and really can be constructed in an afternoon. Take a look at the below pictures and then I’ll get into the type switches I used and what their functions are.
For the on/off and speed control I used a combination of two switches. The first switch that the main power comes in contact with is the digital programmable timer. This switch has the capabilities of turning the fan on and off at any given day or time with a manual override. For example, with this feature I can program the air cleaner to turn on and run for a certain amount of time a couple times during the week if choose to do so. If I come into the shop I can manually turn the unit on and then when I’m done I can turn the cleaner off and the timer goes back into programming mode. In addition to the timer I also have a basic three way switch that I have wired for a hi/lo toggle. So, while the cleaner is on I have the option of two speeds high and low.

Please consult with a licensed electrician for all your electrical needs.

The air filtration device goes hand in hand with my dust collection system. It’s one more line of defense against the dust in my shop and lungs. I’ve had a chance to work with the air cleaner and I must say I wished I had added it a long time ago. I highly recommend to anyone that works in a shop environment to build one of these.
As a side note, A lot of times you can find these blowers being thrown out by heating and air companies. Ask around, you just might find one for free. I did.

I would like to give a big thanks to Jay for collaborating with me on this project. Please check out his website for more awesome content.

In case you missed the shop air cleaner installation video… you can find it on my YouTube channel or my website.Thank you!

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  1. In regards to the shop air cleaner, I believe I saw the motor end go into the box. Is that correct? Doesn’t this type fan pull the air from that end? Or am I wrong as usual? Anyway, I’m attempting to install same setup in my shop and yours looks just right. Also, do you have any wiring diagram you would be willing to share. I’m talking about the wiring from the fan to the switch. Mine is a four speed which improbably won’t use all four. I want to make sure it is placed in the box correctly in order to pull air and distribute air correctly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please reply to my email address
    Thank you, (enjoy you and Jay’s sites)
    Claude callender

    • Hi Claude! The actual air intake is located in the upper (facing the ceiling) portion of the blower. The air will enter through the filters, around the blower housing and into the opening of the blower housing that is facing up then gets distributed through the exit filter. As far as a wiring diagram goes, I don’t have one and the reason being is because most blowers are different and sometimes the wires can be different colors. I suggest searching YouTube for “how to wire a squirrel cage blower” or “how to wire a multi speed furnace blower” and look for an example that has the same color wires as yours.

  2. I’ve definitely got to get a shop fan air cleaner. Not sure I’m quite ready to go as advanced with the controls but definitely in the future. Nice build and video. Keep up the great work.

  3. I definitely need to build one of these for my garage. I don’t have much space and the level of saw dust that accumulates in the air is rather high when I’m sanding… the box fan just ain’t cuttin’ it

    • I’m sure it’s safe to say that you wouldn’t regret it. I think an air cleaner is one of the most important tools in the shop.


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