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#09 “Lathe Size”

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Michael asks…

“What was the deciding factor in going with the 10″ 3/4hp version of your Turncrafter lathe over the 12” 1hp version? Jay, maybe you can talk about your lathe and does the need to get a larger one ever arise?

In my opinion, you have to look at your needs and interest in projects. If you’re interested in smaller turnings then go with a smaller lathe. In speaking about the bench top models, I don’t see the need to invest in the largest bench top model if you don’t need it. You might find out later that a floor standing model is what you want and if you splurged on a large bench top model that you didn’t need there’s wasted money spent that could have been used on the floor standing lathe. There are situations where splurging might make sense, but in this instance the larger bench top doesn’t offer a great deal of increased features.

The 10″ Turncrafter (my model):  http://amzn.to/2yk7SCz

The 12″ Turncrafter: http://amzn.to/2AwMtrk

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  1. This was a question I had also and you guys basically confirmed what I want a lathe for and with all the research I did I going with the Jet 12/21vs with the extension. Thank You Jay and Shawn you guys are great resource of knowledge. I think you create a monster (a good kind) with this IGE.


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