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#06 “Air Compressors”

Watch the video above for this week’s, I Get Email. Dave asks…

“I am looking to buy a new air compressor for woodworking only and wonder what size I need.”

This is funny only because I JUST sold my twenty gallon compressor and purchased a one gallon. Why? Because I thought I needed a one and done unit when in reality all I need is something to air up a tire here and there and shoot brad nails. The air compressor I had was more than I actually needed and to be honest it was big and loud. I went with a smaller one gallon compressor because of the size and this particular unit is a silent series, so it is very quiet. The size and quietness allows me to keep it in my Outfeed Assembly Table, which works out great. When shooting brad nails or airing up a bicycle tire the compressor (cycles) fills up pretty fast, so the one gallon tank capacity hasn’t been an issue. My answer or advice would be to decide what your needs are and buy accordingly. Watch the video above for the full discussion. Here’s a link to the compressor I use: http://amzn.to/2i0s3BM

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