This table was made from rough cut reclaimed lumber. It’s smaller than your traditional “farmhouse” table. It measures about 28 inches wide and 42 inches long with a deep drawer in the end to store, in this instance, school supplies. So, it’s a dual purpose table that serves as…


As I was saying… this table will serve as a breakfast table and a home school desk. The family that received this table will be home schooling their kids, so the drawer was made to hold school supplies.
The first thing I did as you can see in the picture to the left was to lay out the boards to mark the cut lines. I looked for visual interest in the boards and made that the table top. I’ll include some more pictures below.

When I was asked to build this table I was excited, but I didn’t think of the significance of what this table would mean to the new owners. As I progressed through the build, I thought about what it might mean for them. A mother giving her kids an education, a family sharing a meal, conversations and memories taking place… and I was building the very thing that would be a vehicle for that. I felt honored, privileged, and down right special to be asked to build such an important piece of furniture.
I have to say it feels pretty good to be able to build something that will be passed down from generation to generation. The good news is that you can, too. If you’re looking for more detailed instructions or a step by step tutorial you can find that here:

Watch the Video

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  1. I really like this little table I’ve been planning on making one similar to it and it’s given me some good ideas, great job!

    • I loved how this table turned out. It was an easy build and a fun one, too. I’d love to see pics if you guys decide to build one. Thanks!


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