Frequently Asked Questions

• What is your full-time job? I’m an online content creator that just so happens to be a woodworker. Learn more on the About page.

• I want to start woodworking full-time, where do I start? Let me preface by saying that my job as a content creator isn’t about building things to sell. I create content about woodworking and use that content to earn an income through online advertising, project plan sales, online courses, Patreon and PayPal funding, and also through woodworking classes.

• How did you get started in woodworking? Ever since I was a kid I’ve always enjoyed making things. My first hammer was given to me at the age of six, but it wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I became really interested. The short answer is I started because I enjoyed it and it has grown into what it is today.

• What tools should I buy starting out? Most of my tools that I use today are the same tools I started out using with the exception of the bandsaw, which is also a good starter saw. You can see all the tools I use on the Tools page.

• How can I start making YouTube woodworking videos? Simple, just start and record that first video. Anyone with a smartphone and a few tools can start making woodworking videos. The common denominator in those that don’t have a YouTube channel is that most folks don’t start with that first one. Take a look at my first video (warning, it’s not good) on my channel. Be sure to subscribe while you’re there.

• Will you sticker swap with me? Yes, of course. Send me a sticker to P.O. Box 5206 Columbus, MS 39704 and I will send one back to the return address.

• I like what you’re doing and I want to support you, what’s the best way? I appreciate any and all support in all forms. Everything from subscribing to my YouTube channel to even signing up for the Newsletter. You can also show your support in other ways listed on the Support page.

• Do you work with sponsors? The short answer is yes. I’m open to advertisers and sponsorships, but I want to remain in control of my own content to be able to provide valuable information to my audience. I will never promote anything that I don’t believe in. My goal here is to provide great and honest content to the viewers. Feel free to Contact me with any advertising or sponsorship related inquiries.