Dust collection is a hot topic among woodworkers and the like. In this article you’ll find a full dust collection tour video with time stamps to easily navigate through the video to watch only what you’re interested in (desktop only), explanation of setup, pictures, demo cuts, links to other related videos and a full clickable product list.


I have recently finished installing my dust collection system and want to share the results with you. If you missed the video you can click the link above to watch it. I go over the components and show how they are used in my system. In the video you can click certain tool links and skip around as you wish. If you see anything that you have a question about please don’t hesitate to contact me through my website (link below). I will list the products below as well with links for your convenience.
Dust Collection Product Links:

Other video links of interest:

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You can also find the above dust collection product links as well as many more useful items on the Tool page of my website. CLICK HERE

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  1. You need 3′ of straight pipe leading into the turbine or you will lose a lot of efficiency. Also, get ride of bends more than 45 degrees or make them have a very large radius.

    • Yeah, I agree. Considering the space I have there’s not a lot of room to have the ideal setup. It works great as is though. Thanks!

  2. I found you over on Instagram and thanked you there. I finally got my dust collection up and running with the Wynn filter. It’s legit and has great power. Right now I’m running just a simple trash can separator, but I plan on making a Thien top hat soon.
    Thanks again!

    • Good deal!! I’m so glad I tackled dust collection in my shop. Yeah, I really like the Wynn filter. I’d love to hear your thoughts about the top hat when you get it made and operational. Thanks for stopping by.


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