After rearranging my shop a little bit, I lost my drill charging station location due to hanging a cabinet in it’s place. So, the only logical thing to do was to build a new one. Keep reading for more…
My process was a little different throughout this project, whereas I normally start a project with Sketch-up. This time around I follow a rough sketch to get the correct measurements as I cut all the pieces and I must say it is much easier for me to start with Sketch-up, which reminds me about the plans, get the Plans Here:
I love organizational projects. It makes my time in the shop much more enjoyable. One thing I did on this cabinet that is very convenient was add quick releases under the shelf next to the drill slots for my air nailers. I now have a dedicated space for all my drills, air tools, and accessories, but I didn’t stop there. I also incorporated a couple of cubbies with hinged plexiglass covers for dust free storage. I store my dust masks, bluetooth headset, and safety glasses in one cubby and the other side is for my 15″ laptop and phone for when I’m making a lot of sawdust. Of course we can’t forget the batteries, they sit on top of the cabinet in the charger ready to go.
This station has already proven to be a must have for me in my shop. Maybe you need an organizational solution such as this. If so, check out our Plans Page to get them or like I mentioned earlier, you can signup to be notified of all plan releases (including the free ones). Thanks so much for being here and reading. 
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