My kids are in the shop with me this week and we made a wooden tool tote. We actually made three totes, one for each of my sons. They already had a tool tote that they were out growing, but this project was more about getting them involved. Click Read More…

Tools used in this project:Miter saw:

Circular saw (alternative to miter saw):


Jigsaw (alternative to bandsaw):


Forstner bit:

Speed square:

Tape measure:

As I stated in the video, This project is great for kids for a few reasons, first is that any age can take part in it, the second reason is because it’s quick and simple and the last reason has to do with sense of ownership. Let me explain…

I have three sons ranging from two to six at the time this article is being written, so it’s hard sometimes to get all of them in the shop at the same time and doing something they all can work together on due to the fact that the two year old and the six year old will be at different levels of hand/eye coordination. So, with this project I pre-cut everything down ahead of time and pre-drilled all the holes for the screws, labeled the pieces that went together and laid them out in groups. This is important because the kids are too young to cut anything using a power tool and with all the cuts to be made using a hand saw would just wear them out and probably send them away feeling discouraged. Having everything pre-cut allows for a couple of different things… when the kids came into the shop and saw the pre-cut pieces they immediately tried putting them together, they all did this, and because I pre-cut everything, it was ready to be assembled. The second reason I mentioned was that any age could take part in this project. That’s true, they can, even adults. While the little ones are being helped the bigger kids can try to work on as much as they can do. If you use screws and a small screw gun you don’t have to worry about the kids swinging hammers recklessly. This way all the kids can be doing something at the same time. The final reason I say this is a great project for kids is because it gives the child a sense of ownership. Once the project is complete and the kids see what he or she made they can add their tools and call it their own. So, now when they come back into the shop they have their very own tool tote with tools ready to help out and believe me the tool tote will be the first thing they go to. You can grab the free project plans by clicking the button below.

A great addition to the tool tote is


• Safety Glasses – An absolute must for kids and adults 

  • • Portable Workbench Vise – Holds the wood steady while you work on it. This one mounts temporarily on any table ​
    • Coping Saw – Perfect for children. Blades are replaceable and inexpensive
  • • Hand Drill – Eggbeater-style drills like this one are safe and fun to use
  • • Set of 10 drill bits 1/16″ to 1/4″ in diameter
  • Surform Pocket Plane – Smooths and shapes wood fast, fits small hands, and the cutter is replaceable and does not need to be tuned or sharpened
  • Combination Square – A versatile square for accurate work, also doubles as a level
  • 12-foot Tape Measure – This one is rugged so it won’t break if dropped
  • Small Hammer – Perfect size for a kid to use driving nails
  • Titebond Wood Glue – This yellow glue sets fast
  • Rubber Bands – Use them as clamps while the glue is drying
  • Sandpaper – Assorted grits for smoothing surfaces and rounding sharp edges
  • BOOK: The All New Woodworking For Kids by Kevin McGuire – 40 Projects for Kids
  • BOOK: Easy Carpentry Projects for Children – 15 easy wood projects for kids 7 & up

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