Kids Activity Chair

Kids activity chair
Not too long ago I made an activity table for my kids and I just recently made matching chairs to go along with it. The table and chairs both have storage for just about anything you want to store in them. Take a look... The first thing I did was breakdown the plywood according to the plans (get the...

Kids Activity table

Kids Activity Table with Storage Plan
We needed a place for the kids to keep all of their arts and crafts supplies and off the top of the fridge, off the dinning room table, and even off the floor. With three boys things can get a bit messy and disorganized, so we needed a solution. We made this activity table... Tools used in this project: Table...


Cornhole Boards
This was a fun project and like most projects I learned a thing or two. One of the things I learned and worth mentioning here was... 96 p{ ...

Window Planter flower box

Window Flower Box
  In this update we build a window planter flower box from some rough cut cedar... FREE PLANS 96 p{ ...

Pencil box with sliding lid – class project

Pencil Box with Sliding Lid
  The month of April is National Woodworking Month and what better way to celebrate than to introduce someone new to the wonderful world of woodworking. My niece came up with her family to... 96 p{ ...


Step Stool
In the Projects tab on this website you'll find a post on another step stool build, but these are done a little different. I added hand holes on the sides for handles so the little ones can pick it up and carry it wherever they need it and these stools don't have the storage compartment like the previous one...