Drill Charging Station with Air Tool Storage AND Dust Free Bins

Drill Charging Station with Air Tool Storage and Dust Free Bins After rearranging my shop a little bit, I lost my drill charging station location due to hanging a cabinet in it's place. So, the only logical thing to do was to build a new one. Keep reading for more... My process was a little different throughout this project, whereas I...

Clamp Rack with Safety Features

Clamp Rack with Safety Features I've been needing to upgrade my clamp rack for a while now due to safety in the shop. Its out with the old and in with the new... This is one of those shop projects that you'll ask yourself, "Why didn't I do this sooner"? Safety with my clamp rack was becoming a concern as my kids get...

DIY Desk and Organization

DIY Desk and Organizationvideo
Introduction Not too long ago I made a table and chair for my kids to use as a place to do arts and crafts as well as a place for my oldest son to do homework. Since then we’ve had another boy start school and soon we’ll have all three in school, so I figured I better make the other...

Garage Organization and Bike Rack

Garage Organization and Bike Rack Thumbnailvideo
Garage Organization and Bike Rack Introduction By now you’re probably aware that I’m a little bit OCD when it comes to organization and tidiness. I used to say everything has a home or a place in and around the house without even thinking about it, but now that I have three boys it is a wee bit harder to keep things...

DIY Wood & Iron Pipe Shelf

DIY Pipe Shelfvideo
DIY Wood & Iron Pipe Shelf Introduction Making a shelf can be one of the most simplest DIY projects one can make, but when you add in a bunch of iron pipe and fittings it can get interesting. To add some visual interest to the two tier shelf that I wanted I decided to use black iron pipe as the main...

Shop Project For Kids – Woodworking Drill Bit Holder

Drill Bit Holdervideo
Shop Project for Kids | Woodworking Drill Bit Holders Introduction Today’s project is going to be a little bit different because we’re not working on a project per say, but rather just working on something that will give my kids a sense of accomplishment. We are making drill bit holders for drill bits that once sat on a shelf in my...

Rearranging a Woodworking Shop

Shop rearrangement beforevideo
Rearranging a Woodworking Shop Introduction From time to time I get into a shop rearranging mood, but this time is different. My skills and interests are growing and so my shop must also grow. What’s interesting about this shop rearrangement is that I’m going to be adding a couple more pieces of shop furniture to the workshop and get this… I’ll...

Woodworking Shop Layout

Woodworking Shop Layoutvideo
Woodworking Shop Layout Introduction Last week I started in on my new shop layout by tearing down an old workbench and getting ready to move some tools around. So, this week that’s exactly what I did, I moved all my tools into their prospective places. To get started on my woodworking shop layout, there were a few preliminary things that had to...