Power Carving a 2X4 Rocking Chair

Power Carving a 2x4 Rocking Chairvideo
Power Carved 2X4 Rocking Chair Introduction Inspiration surrounds us all. No matter what we’re doing, we are all influenced in some way or another. For this project, it was a trip to our friend Wayne Brown’s shop for inspiration where Jay Bates, Wayne and myself were power carving a seat for a stool. I enjoyed it so much that I borrowed Wayne’s...

Outfeed/Assembly Table: Part 1 – The Design

Outfeed/Assembly Part 1
For a while now I'v been meaning to rebuild my outfeed/assembly table due to the fact that it wasn't documented with video or plans when I made it a couple of years ago. So, now's the time to document it and make some changes that will improve the overall use. Watch the Video Here I started out planning...

Making a mallet – design concept

Not too long ago I came up with a mallet design that features both the joiner and carver mallet. I also incorporated something I call a FingerGrip. Take a look... Watch the video ComboHead Mallet with FingerGrip There are several types of mallets, but there are two that are more common than the others. The first and most common...

Bed to Bench – Metal version

Bed to Bench Metal Version
A friend approached me about making a bench from a metal bed after he saw my bed to bench wood version video. This project was for his wife which the bed belonged to her late mother, so this was a sentimental project. After committing to the project and realizing the amount of welding that needed to be done...

Dust collection tour

Dust Collection
  Dust collection is a hot topic among woodworkers and the like. In this article you'll find a full dust collection tour video with time stamps to easily navigate through the video to watch only what you're interested in (desktop only), explanation of setup, pictures, demo cuts, links to other related videos and a full clickable product list.