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Live Edge Slab Bench

Live edge slab bench thumbnailvideo
Live Edge Slab Bench Introduction At a past woodworking event in Skiatook, OK I picked up a slab of Osage Orange from Ted Alexander. It had a natural curve to it, a cool triple branch feature on one end, it was more than two and half inches thick and it spanned over six feet in length. It was a thing of...

Woodworking Dust Collection

Dust Collectionvideo
Woodworking Dust Collection Introduction I believe we learn from each other through our experiences and this post is just that. I want to talk to you about dust collection today and more specifically the dust collectors I use in my shop on a daily basis. I currently use three different types of collectors, but four all together. I have two Shop...

Knock Down Stool

Knock Down Stool - Mainvideo
Knock Down Stool GET THE PLANS HERE The Design I’ve had the design for this stool idea for a while now, I’m just now getting around to actually making it. The design itself is simple, but the fact that it has much more potential as other furniture is interesting. One main thing I wanted in this project was to make it functional...

I Get Email #07 – Shop Lighting

I Get Email #07 "Shop Lighting" Watch the video above for this week's, I Get Email. Richard asks... "shop lighting...I have a two car garage with 8ft ceilings. What do you suggest for lighting?" If you have any input on shop lighting, please leave a comment. Be sure to subscribe to our channels so you don't miss any future videos. Jay's Custom Creations 2 Stone and...

DIY Fire Pit

DIY Fire Pitvideo
DIY Fire Pit Introduction Having a fire pit in our backyard will be fun for my family of five, three of which are young boys. We love to spend time going to football games, playing sports, and anything outside. Aside from sports my boys enjoy the camping scene and to be more specific they really enjoy roasting marshmallows, hotdogs and making...

I Get Email #06 – Air Compressors

I Get Emailvideo
I Get Email #06 "Air Compressors" Watch the video above for this week's, I Get Email. Dave asks... "I am looking to buy a new air compressor for woodworking only and wonder what size I need." This is funny only because I JUST sold my twenty gallon compressor and purchased a one gallon. Why? Because I thought I needed a one and done...

DIY Wood & Iron Pipe Shelf

DIY Pipe Shelfvideo
DIY Wood & Iron Pipe Shelf Introduction Making a shelf can be one of the most simplest DIY projects one can make, but when you add in a bunch of iron pipe and fittings it can get interesting. To add some visual interest to the two tier shelf that I wanted I decided to use black iron pipe as the main...

I Get Email #05 – Build A Shop

I Get Emailvideo
I Get Email #05 "Build A Shop" Watch the video above for this week's, I Get Email. Richard asks... "I just moved from California to Texas and get to restart my whole shop! I wanted to ask you if you could go back and layout your current shop, what order would you build things? I am also thinking of making an assembly...

Pocket Hole Blanket Chest

Pocket Hole Blanket Chestvideo
Pocket Hole Blanket Chest - One Day Build Introduction In this one day project build I'll show you how to build a pocket hole blanket chest using readily available materials that anyone can do. So, in the middle of trying to stay organized with all the kids stuff inside and out I also need to think about things that my...

I Get Email #04 – Woodworking Safety Gear

I Get Emailvideo
I Get Email #04 "Woodworking Safety Gear" Watch the video above for this week's, I Get Email. Tony asks... "from a novice woodworker, what sort of safety equipment do you recommend? Hearing protection, eye protection, masks, etc... -- are there any you find more comfortable or that work better than others.....I see you wearing the stuff when you shoot your videos but...

Kids Rocker Restoration – Whiskey Barrel Style

Kids Rocker Restoration Thumbnailvideo
Kids Rocker Restoration - Whiskey Barrel Style Introduction I’ve held on to my childhood rocker all these years, well my mom did. When my first son was born she asked me to re-finish it, so my kids could use it. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I just now finished bringing the rocker back to life and I now have...

I Get Email #03 – Bandsaws

I Get Emailvideo
I Get Email #03 "Bandsaws" Watch the video above for this week's, I Get Email. Tracy asks... "I was reviewing the grizzly bandsaw and came across your review. I had a question since your not affiliated with grizzly. Are you still happy with the saws capacity with the riser block and power the saw has. If you had it to do over...

Garage Organization and Bike Rack

Garage Organization and Bike Rack Thumbnailvideo
Garage Organization and Bike Rack Introduction By now you’re probably aware that I’m a little bit OCD when it comes to organization and tidiness. I used to say everything has a home or a place in and around the house without even thinking about it, but now that I have three boys it is a wee bit harder to keep things...

I Get Email #02 – Workbench vs Worktable

I Get Emailvideo
I Get Email #02 "Workbench vs Worktable" Watch the video above for this week's, I Get Email. Joel asks... "My question is workbench related. I acquired some old used hard maple flooring, it's in relatively good condition. If I mill it down I can get roughly 5/8 x 1 1/2 strips. I'd love to have a hard maple hand tool bench. I...

Router Fence with Dust Collection

Router Fence with Dust Collectionvideo
ROUTER FENCE WITH DUST COLLECTION Introduction I’ve had my current router fence for some time now and it looks pretty bad and I also made it before I started doing YouTube videos, which means I don’t have a build video to reference. In addition to having a video to refer back to, I also wanted a build video to accompany the...