A friend approached me about making a bench from a metal bed after he saw my bed to bench wood version video. This project was for his wife which the bed belonged to her late mother, so this was a sentimental project. After committing to the project and realizing the amount of welding that needed to be done and also the emotion tied to this piece of furniture, I knew I needed to recruit the help of my good friend Brandon from the Yopp Shop. Brandon is a great craftsman and welder, so I knew he would be instrumental in this project. He agreed to help me, so we got to work. Below are the pictures my friend sent me when he asked about the project. The first few images are of the metal bed parts and the last image is a drawing of what my friend hoped to have when the project was completed.

I will let the pictures tell the story, but the short version is that we had to cut up the footboard into many many pieces. We had to do this in order to get the right height on the armrest and take advantage of existing angle iron for the seat support. After all the welds were complete and we cleaned everything up we could then paint the metal, stain and install the seat. The last thing to do was to focus on the details. This piece of furniture has little brass decorations throughout its design, so we cleaned those up and in my opinion that’s what made this bench pop. You can see the completed project in the last few images below. If you want to receive more in dept info on projects like this you can sign up for our newsletter HERE or right below this post.

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