If you enjoy woodworking or want to get started in woodworking you’ve come to the right place. There’s actually a deeper meaning behind what we’re doing here. Our goal is to be open and honest about what we do and provide as much value to you as we possibly can. Our core belief is that everyone has a skill and/or talent that has yet to be discovered, so on our journey through the world of woodworking we want to learn new skills, create things with our hands and creativity, and bond with those around us. If you’d like to learn and grow with us and within our community continue reading on this page to learn more.

What to expect from Stone and Sons Workshop...

“Let’s do woodworking together”

Once you join our community (join at the bottom of this page) you will receive a welcome email letting you know how much we appreciate you and to also get to know you a little better. You will have the chance to let us know what you’re interested in so we don’t bother you with the things you don’t care about. We really want to provide a great experience for you here and cater to your interests. I also want to share my story with you of how I got into woodworking. My hope is to inspire you at whatever level you’re at. Whether you’re experienced or looking to get started I want to learn and grow with you. Let’s do woodworking together.

Our trusted resources...

How-To Videos: There are many different woodworkers online to learn from, but I encourage you to check out my Videos page here to find inspiration and maybe some helpful how-to tips, it’s free so check it out. You can find other channels featured on my YouTube home page for more variety. Subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there, so you don’t miss any future videos.

Tools: This is a list of things I use in my shop and business on a daily basis. The links on my Tools page are affiliate links from Amazon.com, which means if you click the links and purchase something I receive a small portion of the sale and the best part is there’s no additional cost to you.

Plans: In addition to our how-to videos, we also create plans for our projects. You can check out our plans here. Depending on the complexity of the project there will either be a free plan or a paid plan offered. Those that are part of our community or subscribed to our newsletter will receive the free plans directly in their inbox and will also be notified of new paid plans. Sign up today, so you don’t miss out. It’s free.

Online Courses: Check out our SketchUP Basics course to learn how to use the basic functions and also how to transfer the drawings in SketchUP to a project plan format. We have several other online courses in development and we are working very hard on these and hope to have them ready to release by the end of 2017. See our Courses page to learn more about what we have in the works and also to sign up to be notified when each course goes live. You don’t want to miss it.

Resources: On our Resources page you’ll find the trusted sites I use on a daily basis. I can recommend each one without any reservations. These are affiliate links, which means if you use the links on this page I will receive a small commission from any completed transaction. It’s a great way to support what we’re doing here, so Thank You!

Thank You!

“Thank You”

So far you’ve read about what I’m able to offer and the value I hope to provide, but I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for being here and for being interested in what we’re doing. I want to be here for you in anyway I can to help you succeed on your woodworking journey. I want to hear about how you got started in woodworking. I also want to know how else I can help you. Let’s learn and grow together.

I try to read and respond to every email. Sometimes it’s just hard to keep up. I’m just some dude in a shop making sawdust while running a business. It’s truly in my heart to make a difference in people’s lives through woodworking. I hope you’ll join me, join below.

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