I’ve had my current router fence for some time now and it looks pretty bad and I also made it before I started doing YouTube videos, which means I don’t have a build video to reference. In addition to having a video to refer back to, I also wanted a build video to accompany the plans I recently made for it. The overall design is the same with the exception of a couple minor changes due to functionality.

Router Fence Features

The new router fence has several features to mention. I’ll list them below:

Adjustable fence with dust relief

  • The lower portion of the front fence has the capability to slide left and right to allow for different sized bits. The center sections of the adjustable fence it cut at a 45 degree angle from the outside front to the inside creating a relief for the dust to exit.

T-track for accessories

  • The t-track itself is necessary for the accessories, which includes a bit guard and two feather boards. The bit guard would help protect you in the event the bit exploded or to just keep wood chips from flying up into your face. The feather boards helps stabilize the work piece while it’s being fed through the router bit.

Router fence t-track

T-track for accessories:

Feather Board

Fence featherboard:

Router fence bit guard

Router bit guard:

Extended upper front main section for future accessories

  • This portion of the fence is extended higher than the t-track piece. One reason for this is to have the capability to add future accessories and jigs in the future.

Dust collection

  • The dust collection is the best feature on this router fence in my opinion. With the router fence in place, as the wood is being cut by the bit the wood chips and dust are sucked past the bit through the fence opening, into the rear cavity (dust box) and then down through the dust port. I perform a demonstration to show how well it really does work. Unless I’m cutting dados or dovetail slots I basically get zero dust on the table.

Router fence dust collection

Router fence dust collection



The basic frame of the fence is simple, it’s two pieces of wood joined together by a couple of triangle supports and screws to create an “L” shape.

Router fence triangular supports

The front main piece gets a couple of slots cut into it for the front adjustable fences. The two front adjustable fences attach to the front main piece with a “T” bolt, which enters the fence through a hole on the adjustable fence face and then through the front main piece and is secured with a star knob on the back side. The head of the bolt is prevented from going all the way through by drilling with a forstner bit on the face of the adjustable fence halfway through, in the same location as the through hole. I hope that makes sense, if not watch the video as it should clear up any confusion.

Adjustable router fence

Adjustable router fence

Adjustable router fence

Adjustable router fence

Jig fixture kit, 46 pc:

Sitting directly on top of the adjustable fences is a full length section with a rabbet cut out. The rabbet allows for a t-track to be installed and sit flush with the rest of the fence. The t-track I chose to use didn’t have any pre-drilled holes, so it received four to five holes. Screws were used to attach the t-track section to the front main piece.

Router fence t-track

The t-track accepts different accessories. In my application I used a router bit guard and two feather boards as safety features.

Router fence with accessories

Dust collection is definitely one of the best features on this router fence. The bottom and front main pieces have strategic cut outs just for dust collection.


Works Well With

The router fence works well with my Outfeed Assembly Table plan and Jay Bates’ Router Lift plan. We teamed up and bundled all three plans together to offer savings to you. With the Outfeed Assembly Table and Router Lift Bundled Plan you get the Router Fence plan included free.

The Plans

Bundled Plan: Includes the Outfeed Assembly Table plan, Jay’s Router Lift plan and the free Router Fence plan. Click here to see the Bundled Plan.

Stand Alone Router Fence Plan: The router fence plan is also available for purchase as a single plan download. Click here to see the single router fence plan.

Tools Used In This Project

Power Tools:

• Bandsaw, Grizzly:

• Bandsaw riser block:

• Jigsaw, B&D:

Table Saw and Accessories:

• Table saw (upgraded version), Delta:

• 10″ saw blade, Diablo:

• 8″ dado blade:

• Dado throat plate:

• Universal fence clamps:

Drilling and Accessories:

• Drill and impact 20v, Porter Cable:

• Drill and drive bit set, Kobalt:

• Drill bit set 21 piece, Kobalt:

• Forstner bit set, Porter Cable:

• Counter sink bits:

Dust Collection and Accessories:

• Dust collector 2hp, Central Machinery:

• 4″ dust separator kit:

• 4″ self cleaning blast gate:

• 4″ Y fitting:

• 4″ 3-way junction dust fitting:

• Table saw dust hood, 4″:

• 5″ to 4″ reducer, Delta:

• Dust hose clear, 4″ x 50′:

• Foil tape:

• Hose clamp, 4″:

Clamping and Accessories:

• 6″ F style clamp, Bessey:

• 12″ quick clamp, Irwin:

• 10″ wood handscrew clamp, Bessey:

• Spring clamp 9 pc set, Bessey:

Jig Accessories and Fixtures:

• Jig fixture kit, 46 pc:

• 24″ t-track (red), Shop Fox:

Measuring, Marking and Layout:

• Lefty/Righty 16′ tape measure, FastCap:

• Nylon 16′ tape measure, Milwaukee:

• 8″ plastic speed square, Swanson:

• 7″ metal speed square, Swanson:

• 12″ combination square, Stanley:

• 12″ architect rule:

• Markers, Milwaukee:

Hand Tools:

• No. 5 bench plane, Stanley:


• Respirator, 3M:

• Respirator dust filter:

• Safety glasses, 3M:

• Hearing protection with Bluetooth, ISOTunes Pro:

• Fence featherboard:

• Router bit guard:

• Push blocks:

• Fire extinguisher:

• First aid kit:

Video Equipment and Electronics:

• DSLR camera and mic, Canon/Rode:

• Camera battery pack, Canon:

• Wireless mic, Rode:

• Tripod, Manfrotto:

• Mic for voiceover, Snowball:

• Backpack for laptop (modified for camera):

• Memory card, 64gb:

• Memory card waterproof case:

• Laptop, MacBook:

• Network Attached Storage, 6TB:


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