Kids Picnic Table Plan
With Spring here and Summer approaching quickly, I figured an outdoor project was in order. My kids had a small picnic table they used quite a bit, but it was falling apart. They like to eat outside when the weather is nice and so as the woodworking daddy that I am, I made another one. Keep reading…
This project was an easy one to put together, but the design oversight in my original build resulted in taking twice as long to finish. No worries though, I made some adjustments and now it’s all good. What happened? Well, In the original build I only use three boards for the table top and I have to be honest here, I didn’t even realize it until I set it down in the back yard, stepped back and… palm to the forehead! Yep, I knew right then I would have to make changes to the plan (GET THE PLANS HERE) to reflect four boards for the table top. Oh well, that’s how we learn, right? If you haven’t seen the video you can watch it below…
So, if you watched the video you know that I had to insert a shot of the SketchUP file, which is the thumbnail, to explain what happened. The good thing about using SketchUP is that it was fairly simple to go back and change a measurement or in my case a design flaw. It wasn’t a huge deal, but I’m glad I had the SketchUP file to reference. I’m not as proficient as I’d like to be, but I manage and I’m learning. I enjoy using SketchUP and I enjoy creating plans for the projects I build. This particular set of plans took a little longer than normal to finalize, but in the end they turned out great. You can click the button below to access the plans. Enjoy!
Here is the list of tools I used to complete the project (clickable affiliate links):
Miter saw:
Table saw:
Circular saw (alternative tool):
Tape measure:
Speed square:
Angle finder:
Digital angle finder:
Counter sink bits:
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