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By now you’re probably aware that I’m a little bit OCD when it comes to organization and tidiness. I used to say everything has a home or a place in and around the house without even thinking about it, but now that I have three boys it is a wee bit harder to keep things in a somewhat orderly fashion. So, in an effort to alleviate the messiness I’m taking action inside and out with organizational projects. Get the plans for this project.

Garage Organization 3

The Bike Rack

The first thing I see as soon as I walk outside are all the bikes and even with kickstands they still find themselves laying on the ground. So, I knew we needed a solution for the bikes. I did some research to figure out the best way to go about storing them in a way that would be easy for the kids to get the bikes out and also easy to put them away because otherwise they would continue to find themselves on the ground. I have an existing wall to work off of, but you could build a free standing wall of sorts as another option. I started with a basic frame and added diagonal supports just wide enough for each bike and scooter to fit into. The cool thing about this design is that it’s easy for the kids to get the bikes out and easy to put them away, just what they needed. In addition to the functionality, the bikes and scooters stand in their new space without the help of a kickstand! Now, if the kids will actually use it and so far they have. Big thumbs up!

Garage Organization Scooter Rack

Bike Rack

The Shelf

As with anything these days, there are accessories that go along with the bikes and scooters. As I’m thinking of everything that is related to the bikes and scooters I realize I need somewhere to hang helmets and let’s not forget skateboards. So, I decided to build a shelf the length of the bike rack and add supports that would act as visual dividers. I have three kids, but I have four individual “spaces” to hang helmets. Under the shelf, but between the dividers I installed a simple hook to hang the kids’ helmets on. These hooks can be upgraded to a double hook as our needs increase. Just below the shelf I added a couple of larger hooks to allow the skateboard to hang for easy access. The top of the shelf will hold things like sidewalk chalk, bubbles, ball gloves and any other outside toys.

Garage Organization helmet hooks

Garage shelf

The Ball Bin

Another yard toy that seems to be scattered from one end of the yard to the other are sports balls like footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, bouncy balls, wiffle balls… I’m starting to sound like Forrest Gump. I had a couple of different ideas in mind for storing all of the balls. All of the bigger sports balls would be stored in a separate bin than the smaller ones like the wiffle balls. For the bigger ball bin I basically created a box with a large opening on the front with bungee cords spanning the opening. Think ball bin like you would see in a toy store. The bungee cords keep everything from falling out, but you can easily reach through them to get the ball you want and a plus to this setup is that you can see everything in the bin. In order to hook the bungee cords onto the ball bin I installed screw eyes into the ball bin frame. Here’s a Quick Tip: Use an Allen Wrench chucked into your drill to screw them in (see image below). One thing my kids like to play in the backyard is baseball and we struggle finding all of the wiffle balls before we start, so I wanted to have a system in place to make this a little easier. We are using a bucket to keep all of the “baseballs” in and it hangs on the wall. I wanted it to hang on the wall to give it a specific place to call home. If we just sat the bucket on the ground it would end up not being returned to its proper place. To accomplish this, I created a few “z” brackets out of corner brackets to affix to the wall. The “z” shape provides a standoff from the wall so that the lip of the bucket can hang on it. Now, when we get ready to play wiffle ball or baseball we can grab the wiffle ball bat and bucket of balls off the wall and go play. This has helped a ton with teaching them to put things away when they’re done playing.

Ball bin bungee cords

Ball bin quick tip

Ball bin

Ball bin 2

See the Project Plans Here


Having a place or “home” for everything makes life so much easier, at least for us it does. Last weeks project, the bookshelf and organizational desk, has proven to be beneficial for our family, so I expect the same results with this project. I’d love to hear about your organizational practices in your home, so please comment down below and tell me about it.

Garage Organization

Materials Used

For this project I used treated 2×4’s for anything that would have direct contact with the concrete floor. The shelf is made from treated 1×6’s, which probably would have been fine with untreated wood. All of the bike supports, 2×2’s, are untreated. I used several different pieces of hardware to make this project more convenient, all those things are linked in the plan.

Project Plans

Below you will find links to the plans for each project plan mentioned in this article and the tools used to build them. I will also include a special coupon code exclusive to the readers of this blog article for a 25% discount on these plans. Coupon Code: TIDYGARAGE

Garage Organization and Bike Rack Plan:

Mobile Shop Cart Plan (Tool Cart):

See all the plans we offer:

Tools Used In This Project

(*the projects mentioned in this article can be built with limited tools)

Power Tools:

• Miter saw, Kobalt:

• Bandsaw, Grizzly:

• Bandsaw riser block:

Sanders and Accessories:

• Random orbital, Skil:

Drilling and Accessories:

• Drill and impact 20v, Porter Cable:

• Pocket hole jig, Kreg:

• Drill and drive bit set, Kobalt:

• Drill bit set 21 piece, Kobalt:

• Counter sink bits:

Dust Collection and Accessories:

• Dust collector 2hp, Central Machinery:

• Shop Vac, 5 gal:

Clamping and Accessories:

• 6.5″ woodworkers vise, Irwin:

Measuring, Marking and Layout:

• Lefty/Righty 16′ tape measure, FastCap:

• 7″ metal speed square, Swanson:


• Safety glasses, 3M:

• Hearing protection with Bluetooth, ISOTunes Pro:

• Fire extinguisher:

• First aid kit:

Video Equipment and Electronics:

• DSLR camera and mic, Canon/Rode:

• Camera battery pack, Canon:

• Wireless mic, Rode:

• Mic wind muff:

• Tripod, Manfrotto:

• Mic for voiceover, Snowball:

• Backpack for laptop (modified for camera):

• Memory card, 64gb:

• Memory card waterproof case:

• Laptop, MacBook:

• Network Attached Storage, 6TB:

Other tools I use


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