Introduction to SketchUP

Learn the very basics of how to get started in SketchUP for all of your projects. You’ll learn about the most used menu items, how to create a component, and how to move, copy, and rotate items. You will also learn how to layout parts of a project and create a cut list. In the design portion of a project, learn how to create and export scenes and also how to add text and dimensions. To round it all out, I’ll show you how to take the exported scenes and create a plan from your SketchUP drawings.

Start your woodworking journey

This online course is for the woodworker that might be new or even experienced, but needs some motivation. It outlines everything from where to start in a new shop or maximizing the space you already have, shop safety, tool layout, most used tools, lumber storage, dust collection, shop organization and more.

Woodworking Basics for Kids

Woodworking Basics for Kids is an online course designed for school aged kids that want to know more about woodworking. The underlying goal here is to get kids involved working with their hands and using their creativity while making things from wood.

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