Woodworking Shop Layout

Woodworking Shop Layoutvideo
Woodworking Shop Layout Introduction Last week I started in on my new shop layout by tearing down an old workbench and getting ready to move some tools around. So, this week that’s exactly what I did, I moved all my tools into their prospective places. To get started on my woodworking shop layout, there were a few preliminary things that had to...

Rearranging a Woodworking Shop

Shop rearrangement beforevideo
Rearranging a Woodworking Shop Introduction From time to time I get into a shop rearranging mood, but this time is different. My skills and interests are growing and so my shop must also grow. What’s interesting about this shop rearrangement is that I’m going to be adding a couple more pieces of shop furniture to the workshop and get this… I’ll...

Installing a Leg Vise | Sliding Dovetail Wedge

Leg Visevideo
Installing a Leg Vise | Sliding Dovetail Wedge Introduction In the center of my workshop sits a fully loaded Outfeed Assembly Table with leg vise, which is definitely the workhorse of the shop. This table gets used in every project that I take on, but it wasn’t until recently that I removed the leg vise from a different bench in the...

Free Stuff (Giveaway)

dartboard cabinetvideo
FREE STUFF GIVEAWAY Hey! I teamed up with a local friend of mine to give away some free stuff. This giveaway isn't sponsored by anyone other than myself and Jay Bates. Our goal was to be able to give back to multiple people instead of just one so we added a couple extras. Here's what we are giving away: A total...

Shop Project For Kids – Woodworking Drill Bit Holder

Drill Bit Holdervideo
Shop Project for Kids | Woodworking Drill Bit Holders Introduction Today’s project is going to be a little bit different because we’re not working on a project per say, but rather just working on something that will give my kids a sense of accomplishment. We are making drill bit holders for drill bits that once sat on a shelf in my...

Modern Bluetooth Speaker with Wooden Charging Stand

Bluetooth speaker leftvideo
Modern Bluetooth Speaker with Wooden Charging Stand Introduction This is how I made a Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth technology has evolved over the years to the point where anything could have bluetooth capabilities. The smart phone obviously is the first thing that comes to mind, but playing music from a smart phone to a wireless speaker has got to rank high up...

3 Easy Projects You Can Make In One Day

3 easy diy projectsvideo
3 Easy Projects You Can Make In One Day Introduction In this post I’ll show you how to make three easy DIY projects that you can complete in one day. This idea came when I needed to make a few Christmas gifts to give away. The projects I made were a wooden doormat, a set of end grain coasters and a...

Combohead Mallet

Combohead Malletvideo
Combohead Mallet Introduction The Combohead Mallet is a combination of a carvers mallet and a joiners mallet. I made a couple of videos early on when I first made the discovery of what is now the official Combohead Mallet design and every time I get asked if I’m going to make any to sale or do I have a template....

Christmas Ornament – Inside Out Turning

Christmas Ornament - Inside Out Turningvideo
Christmas Ornament - Inside Out Turning Introduction Every year I want to make a Christmas ornament, but for whatever reason I don’t ever get around to making one. I’m changing that this year and who knows, I might make this a tradition. The thing I struggled with the most was the design, which I’ll get into later, but I wasn’t sure...

Cove Cutting on the Table Saw – How To Woodworking

Cove cuts thumbnailvideo
Cove Cutting on the Table Saw Introduction Recently during a project there was an opportunity to learn how to cut coves on the table saw and not having any experience with coves I wanted to take the time to learn. Jay Bates and I was working on a dart board cabinet that has a top and bottom panel with a cove...

Shop Vest – Atlas 46

Shop Apron and Tool Vestvideo
Shop Vest - Atlas 46 Introduction If you have been following me very long you know that I recently started wearing a shop vest. Atlas 46 reached out to me a while back and asked if I would be interested in trying out their work wear, more specifically their version of a shop apron. The name for the exact one that I wear...

Power Carving a 2X4 Rocking Chair

Power Carving a 2x4 Rocking Chairvideo
Power Carved 2X4 Rocking Chair Introduction Inspiration surrounds us all. No matter what we’re doing, we are all influenced in some way or another. For this project, it was a trip to our friend Wayne Brown’s shop for inspiration where Jay Bates, Wayne and myself were power carving a seat for a stool. I enjoyed it so much that I borrowed Wayne’s...

I Get Email #09 – Woodworking Lathe Size

I Get Emailvideo
I Get Email #09 "Lathe Size" Watch the video above for this week's, I Get Email. Michael asks... "What was the deciding factor in going with the 10" 3/4hp version of your Turncrafter lathe over the 12" 1hp version? Jay, maybe you can talk about your lathe and does the need to get a larger one ever arise?" In my opinion, you have to...

Utility Trailer Floor Replacement

New trailer deck completedvideo
Utility Trailer Floor Replacement Introduction We all have those projects that we want to do or need to do, but never make the time to do them for whatever reason. For me, replacing the wood floor in my utility trailer was on that never ending list. I use this trailer for hauling different things like a lawn mower, lumber, furniture for...

I Get Email #08 – Workshop Heating, Condensation, and Rust

I Get Emailvideo
I Get Email #08 "Workshop Heating, Condensation, and Rust" Watch the video above for this week's, I Get Email. Dan asks... "In a future installment, I'd like to see you address some of the issues in dealing with an unheated workshop (fall/winter is coming). What are the concerns with tools? Is there long term damage to the tools when the weather gets cold?...